Islahi Haj Caravan


Indian Islahi Centre, Jeddah, embarked on organizing Haj from the city of Jeddah as early as late eighties. Those who wanted to perform Haj were guided to register with trustworthy Haj operators in Jeddah. Later, in the nineties, the centre started its own Haj operations. Hajis were registered and transported by means of 30 seater buses to the holy places and back. Tents at Mina and Arafath were arranged directly by the centre in coordination with agencies. The Islahi haj caravan made a point of organizing and facilitating Haj rituals strictly in accordance with Qur’an and Sunna, for which it needed proper guidance from knowledgeable people. To ensure this, the services of sheikh Abdussamad Al Katib, faculty member at Islamic University of Madeena at that time, were utilized. The sheikh used to lead the Haj caravan and guide the Hajis when and where required. May Allah reward him for those profuse services.

With the turn of the century, the Caravan made several other progresses in Haj operations. The air-cooled tents provided by the Saudi government at mina, air-cooled tents in Arafat , 48 seater air-conditioned buses and quality food at mina and Arafat, being some of them.  Hajis from the cities of Riyadh, Dammam, Khamis Mushait and Buraida were also provided the services by coordination with Islahi Centres of those cities. With the advent of internet, the caravan went online thus facilitating online registration for Hajis well in advance. Now the caravan, by the help of Allah, has to its credit a good reputation for being strict with respect to adhering to the way prophet (SAW) performed Haj and for good services.



In addition to the selfless services of our volunteers, the following are among the provisions:

  • Air-conditioned luxury buses that take the Hajis from Jeddah - Mina and Mina - Jeddah. Pilgrims reach Mina on 8th Dul Hijjah by Dhuhr.
  • Air-cooled (government) tents in Mina.
  • Quality food in Mina and Arafa cooked in the camp by reputed restaurants in Jeddah. Food kit provided for Muzdalifa.
  • Guidance/Other classes in Malayalam, Urdu and Tamil by daees.
  • Freedom to stay or leave on 13 Dul Hijjah.
  • Hajis taken to Makkah for Tawaful Wida’ while returning home.


Registration Requirements:

(1) Iqama copy (2) Passport Copy (3) Vaccination Certificate for Meningitis (4) Blood Group Certificate (5) Six Stamp size photographs (ladies should cover their head) (6) Sponsor's Approval in the form prescribed by Jawazat.