Activities Overview

Aug 09 2008


·       Propagate Islam in its true spirit based on Holy Qur’an & Sunnah among Keralites residing in the Kingdom.
·       Charity for the relief of the sufferings of the poor and the deprived.
·       Promote Islamic Education among Expatriate children, give them guidance and training for career development.
·       Use Internet, electronic and visual media for da-wa activities, promoting Islamic unity and moral values.
·       Help expatriate community to up-bring their living standards, enlighten and make them aware of the socio-cultural issues.


1. Weekly Qur’an, Hadith classes at 17 different locations in Jeddah.
    More than 700 (seven hundred) regular attendees.

Classes have been grouped into:
a) Qur’an Learning School (QLS) that teaches Qur’an along with the basics of Arabic language, with a syllabus, like in a class room.
b) Hadith classes that give meanings and explanations of Hadith. Also help the learners     to learn it by heart.
c) General Islamic lectures and interactive classes on various Islamic topics
d) Qutba translation in to Malayalam language- At present in two mosques.
Area level and National level Exams for those who attend the class & for the public. Different prizes are offered for the top rankers in the concerned exams.

2. Da'wa:
Conduct Islamic da-wa squad works and other da’wa programs among common public to make them aware of Islamic teachings and believes. Distribute study materials such as books, CDs, leaflets and booklets. Facilitate the study and practice of Islamic ideology.

3. “The Truth”
A supporting wing to promote da’wa activities among Non-Muslims and the re-habilitation of reverts to Islam. Focuses to invite people to the true religion of peace and serenity. Aim to spread the true message of Islam and clear the misconceptions.

4. Al Huda Islamic Madrasa
Run during weekends. Classes from 1-5 offered both for boys and girls. Follows the syllabus of Council for Islamic Education Research and Training (CIER) Kozhikode, Kerala, India.
Special 45 days course during vacation (June- July) with an outstanding syllabus covering Qur’an and Hadith, History, Islamic jurisprudence, General knowledge and Extra-curricular activities.

5. IWO (Indian Women’s Organization)
An independent wing strives exclusively for and amongst the ladies for religious/cultural/educational activities since 1992

6. Talent Teens
An independent Teens Group aiming religious/cultural/social/educational boost up among themselves.

7. Educational Scholarships
Awards scholarships to poor but intelligent students in Kerala, at high school, college and professional levels.

8. Relief
To help the poor and the needy. Major attention is given to support orphans, widows and for the treatment of life threatening diseases, sheltering etc…

9. IT & E-Da’wa
Web site (
E-mail group (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Chat room on Beyluxe Messenger (Go to Asia Pacific >India>KERALA ISLAHI CLASSROOM).  The chat room operates day and night, with recorded speeches of renowned scholars and live discussion on various Islamic topics.  Live transmission from IsIahi centre auditorium on Fridays, after Magrib prayer.

10. Area Committees

To form units of Islahi Centre in different part of the city to spread the activities to the maximum number of people.

11. Islahi Haj Caravan
A well organized Haj Caravan for those who want to perform Haj from various parts of the Kingdom. Intend to help Hajees to perform the rituals exactly as per the teachings of Prophet (pbuh). A group of scholars and volunteers would assist the Hajees to serve them during the days of Haj.

12. Audio-Video library
Collections of speeches by scholars on various Islamic and social topics in Malayalam and English. More than 650 titles available as MP3/VCD and DVD.

13. Book library
Wide range of Islamic and general books for reading and reference, in Malayalam and English languages.

14. Collection and distribution of Fitr Zakat.
Collects Zakatul Fitr and coordinates the distribution with recognized charity organizations in Jeddah.

15. Media & Public Relations
To ensure Media coverage for the activities of the organization. To keep relationship and co-ordination with other expatriate communities and organizations.

16. Readers, Writers & Speakers Forum

Holds Seminars, Symposiums, Discussion Classes on various religious, social and educational topics.

17. Medical Aid & Blood Data Bank
Distributes free medicines in Kerala, for those who cannot afford to buy. Also maintains a blood data bank in Jeddah that facilitates blood donation, especially during emergencies.

18. Periodicals
Distribute Islamic Journals and Periodicals among expatriate community.

19. Employment & Career Guidance
Helps job seekers to find suitable jobs. Organize Professional Career Guidance Classes.

20. Al Huda Creations

A visual media team to produce TV programmes for promoting Da’wa activities.

21. Sports wing
Maintaining a junior football team in addition to other sports activities, karate coaching etc...

22. Tours & Picnic
Organizes picnic every year to locations in and around Jeddah.